Getting There with ACEC Colorado Foundation

(American Council of Engineering Companies of Colorado Scholarship & Education Foundation)

A Collaborative Learning Adventure for Middle School Students

Feb. 24 - March 31, 2022

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Problem Statement

How do we build the infrastructure to support self-driving cars that serve the diverse needs of rural and urban communities? 


ACEC Colorado Foundation (American Council of Engineering Companies of Colorado Scholarship & Education Foundation) is inviting Middle School students to design solutions in order to learn about the application of multiple engineering disciplines. 


Facilitating teachers and their students will be introduced to ACEC Colorado Foundation mentors in an experiential learning adventure. Each team will have an ACEC Colorado Foundation mentor. Schools can participate with only a few students or an entire class. Our design team will support with resources for project management and facilitation strategies.



Students research the topics, meet with mentors, maintain a collaborative portfolio of findings or results, and create solutions. Solutions designed by students will be shared via storylines shared in presentations and demonstrations locally and regionally. TBA 


Teams will create and post a brief video to YouTube or use other multimedia submissions that describes the process, products and learning by the team.


Schedule for Excellence

Each school works with their assigned mentor to create their own collaborative schedule. (asynchronous, synchronous, and in person) 


Synchronous Meetups 

Each school is expected to attend weekly status report meetings covering research, technical questions, challenges, and project management updates. (Thursdays @ 4:00 pm MST)


Learning Approach 

Student Driven / Teacher Facilitated / Industry Inspired and Informed


Through the engineering design process and working with ACEC Colorado Foundation mentors, students will learn about project management, teamwork, systems thinking, and other real-world problem-solving skills. 


Design Team

  • Heidi M. Gordon, CAE I Deputy Director/COO, American Council of Engineering Companies of Colorado

  • Alex Pulley - Felsburg Holt and Ullevig, Environmental Scientist and Senior Certified Ecologist

  • Gregg Cannady - STEM Collaboration and Concept Development





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