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On November 8th, 2019 OV4C traveled to Limon, Colorado.

Check out the BLOG: LINK

Musicians and educators from One Voice 4 Change and STEM School Highlands Ranch presented a workshop for grades 3-6.


Goal: Collaborate with students and teachers in a hands-on workshop designed to bring people together in celebration of creative, artistic, and innovative ways to combine STEM and music. 


Topics & Activities

Write Original Songs

Science and Bird

Play Interments and Sing

Produce Music (Ableton Live)

Use Animation/Video Technology


Schedule (flexible and fun)

9:00 am         Snake Song Jam

9:30 am         Bird Brains & Songs

10:00 am       Lyrics & Poetic Meter

10:30 am       Break it Down (form your band)

11:00 am       Show & Tell 

11:30 am       LUNCH

12:00 pm       Refine & Collaborate

12:30 pm       Reality Check

1:00 pm         Perfect and Produce

1:30 pm         Present 

2:00 pm         Animation 


Artists and Educators

David Williams

Felicity Muench

Michael DeLalla

Martin Ogle

Simi Basu

Gregg Cannady













































  • Please come with curiosity, questions and a joy for learning.

  • Check out a few of the links.

  • Bring something to write lyrics on. (tablet, computer)

  • Please check your school's media release policy and let us know if we can use photos, videos, and stories from the day.


Measurable Outcomes and Storyline Evidence

  • Please share what you learned with your school, parents, and teachers. (presentations, testimonials, stories, photos, performances)

  • Tell us how you use what you learned from this worksop in your school and for your learning goals.

  • We will compose a short story to document the day and share the joy of collaborations with others.

  • You can give us suggestions for future collaborations.



Martin Ogle

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