Lockheed Martin Executive High School Internship Program

Jan  – May, 2022


The Jeffco Executive High School Internship Program and STEM Schools Highlands Ranch Career Discovery Program, in collaboration with AIAA Distinguished Mentors, Lockheed Martin, and the Aldrin Family Foundation, will pilot a national internship program designed for urban and rural students to come together for a collaborative program designed to prepare high school students for future careers in engineering and aerospace.



Students across the United States will be introduced to subject matter experts in order to think critically in the framework of engineering and aerospace exploration while developing skills such as: problem solving, systems thinking, project management, public speaking, research skills, engineering tool literacy, teamwork, planning, trade studies, CONOPS, self-advocacy, and goal setting.



Student Driven / Aerospace Industry Inspired and Informed


Students will research engineering and aerospace topics, create a request for proposal (RFP), meet with mentors, maintain a collaborative portfolio of findings or results, and create a final product. 


Schedule for Excellence

Tuesday Virtual Forums: (3:30 - 4:50 pm MT) 

  • 40-Minute SME (Subject Matter Expert) Aerospace Presentations with Q & A

  • 40-Minute Group Status Reports


Small Groups: Students will be assigned to a small group (4-5 students). Every group will have a lead engineering or aerospace mentor that will facilitate projects, inform solutions, and connect students to engineering aerospace resources. The assigned groups will meet with their mentor weekly to check on progress, present ideas, and learn from industry professionals.


Students collaborate 3-4 times per week with their assigned group. This can be a combination of virtual meetings, on-site work, and shared documents. Each student will have responsibilities to contribute to the group’s project.



Teams will submit and/or present the following:


  1. Project Management Documentation

  2. Technical drawings

  3. Descriptive paper

  4. Conceptual Model or a Functioning Prototype


Reflection: Teams will create and post a brief video to YouTube or other creative multimedia submission that describes the process, products, value proposition, mentor appreciation, and learning by the team.


Final Presentations can include any combination of traditional PowerPoint slides, website, podcast, testimonials, photos, videos, and/or interviews. Innovative and creative presentations are encouraged.  



January - February: Team Roles, Literature Review, Project Proposal, Design and Planning

March - April: Implementation of the Project Solutions

April - May: Peer and Subject Matter Expert Reviews & Presentations


Design Team

Lockheed Martin -Sue Linch: Engineering Lead for the Janus Program 

Jeffco Executive High School Internship Program -Jenny Herbaugh and Heather Mueller 

STEM School Highlands Ranch Career Discovery -Gregg Cannady 


Media: Your work may be shared with industry and educational organizations.

PROCESS for Students:

  1. Submit the signed description form to Dr. Cannady ASAP

  2. Each student is individually interviewed

  3. Students who are accepted will be notified by Dec. 16


I have read and I accept the guidelines outlined in this document. 


______________________________________ Date:_____________________

Student Signature


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Parent Signature


STEM and Rural Interns please download, sign, scan, and return to: Gregg.cannady@stemk12.org

Jeffco Interns please download, sign, scan and upload in Google Classroom.

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